The mission of Localisation Working Group (LWG) is to settle common railways requirements on the expected behaviour of a train localisation system in an ERTMS and RCA environment to tackle current criticalities and possible future needs and to explore innovative solutions to fulfil such requirements in a cost effective way.

The objectives of the Train Localisation Group are:

  • To set and provide users’ requirements (functional, performance, architectural, interfaces) for the evolution of the train localisation system with regard to the ERTMS and RCA environment.
  • To share, learn, secure experiences of members or other actors (e.g. suppliers) and support the members regarding train localisation projects to compare different technologies and solutions to fulfil the users’ requirements.
  • To establish relationship with all actors involved in the topic (ERA, GSA, ESA, EC, UNISIG, CER, S2R, UIC …) to share and propose train localisation system users input.
  • To become one of the key actors of the satellite positioning game changer.
  • To support the possible CBA analysis that the sector may carry out on the introduction of new technologies for train localisation.
  • To support the development of the train localisation system architecture and its interfaces based on innovative solutions.
  • To support the setting of common standards (possible Change Request to ERTMS specification) and develop a legal framework.

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Train Positioning Techniques’ Comparison Document

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