Banedanmark, the Danish Infrastructure manager, has set up the Signalling Programme as a project organisation with direct reference to the CEO. The Signalling programme is funded by the Danish state through the Ministry of Transport. Banedanmark has signed a 12 year consultancy contract with Ramböll, Atkins, Emch-Berger and Parsons and the integrated project team is located at Banedanemark headquarters in Copenhagen.

The Signalling programme is a sector programme headed by programme director Jan Schneider-Tilli and cover implementation of both signalling infrastructure and onboard systems for the entire national railway network excluding private lines. ERTMS onboard systems for state traffic contracts will be procured and paid under the frame of the Signalling programme.

You can find the updated Nasjonal signalplan 2023:


All lines indicated on map with timeframe for installation. Deployment is divided in three stages determined by the availability of ERTMS fitted trains. Early deployment lines and selected secondary lines (green) are scheduled to go in operation in 2018/19. National passenger core routes(yellow) will be deployed when current train fleet and new electrical locomotives are in ERTMS service. Corridor lines (red) will be deployed when new Intercity trains have replaced obsolete Intercity trains which will not be ERTMS fitted.

Total length of lines to be migrated to ERTMS level 2 approx. 2000 km. Copenhagen commuter-system (S-bane) will be converted to CBTC in the same programme. All lines indicated on map with date for planned commercial operation, for Early deployment lines supervised commercial operation is scheduled to start one year before this date. Infrastructure contracts where awarded to Alstom and Thales-BBR December 2011 and onboard contract to Alstom February 2012. The selected suppliers design work is ongoing in the joint project office at Banedanemark.


The STM-DK for ZUB123 was developed by Siemens for Banedanmark. The STM-DK will be used on all lines fitted with Danish ATC during migration (until 2030). The STM-DK has been type approved and commercially available since 2014.


The Signalling Programme is a full signalling renewal including all signalling related assets, aiming at increasing performance and reducing operations and maintenance cost.

Implementing ERTMS on a complete conventional railway require a conceptual rethinking of the operational concept and the usage of technical systems. The Signalling programme plan to use GPRS for ETCS communication and Online Key management for both infrastructure and onboard systems. Handheld terminals for possession management, support for work near track and shunting is also part of the programme.