The experience gained in the ertms implementation projects is shared between the members and other railway organisations.

The activities of the ERTMS Users Group (EUG) are dedicated to the technical aspects of the deployment, maintenance and evolution of ERTMS. For this purpose the members of the EUG have joined forces, in order to share their experience and technical know-how of ERTMS.

The technical work of EUG is tightly coordinated with the technical experts from the industry (UNISIG) and ERA. Together, ERA, EUG and UNISIG are responsible for the work on the detailed ERTMS specifications which are part of the CCS TSI.

Regarding the evolution of ERTMS, EUG is playing a coordinating role for the railway sector in the Shift2Rail (S2R) project. EUG staff is participating in all S2R work packages which have a relation with the European ERTMS specifications. They support the railway members within S2R and coordinate the work with the railways which are not directly involved in S2R.

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