The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Finland

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is responsible for developing and maintaining the state-owned road network, the railways and the waterways.

The future signaling systems including ERTMS are developed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, fully state-owned Traffic Management Company  Fintraffic Railway Ltd., National Safety Authority (Traficom), VR Group Ltd, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and all other railway stakeholders. Development and deployment are done under a program called Digirail.

The Target of Digirail is to renew the entire Finnish railway signaling systems and implement modern radio-based ETCS by 2040.

  1. High speed lines: for each line of your network please add relevant information
  2. Rail freight corridor: Please fill in relevant information
  3. Conventional Networks: Please fill in relevant information

Note: relevant information would be the ETCS level(s) and Baseline/release, possible specific characteristics like GPRS with limited or no capacity for GSM-R connections.

First commercial radio based ETCS will be built during 2024-2027 to Lielahti-Rauma/Pori track section consisting of 190 kilometres of single track and 18 stations. Commercial traffic is planned to begin with ETCS on 2027.

Entire Finnish rail network will be equipped with radio based ETCS (L2, L3 hybrid or L3) between 2028 and 2040. First baseline/release to be used will be according latest usable CCS TSI. Radio network will be done with FRMCS.  


Please describe which class B systems are intended to be used (if any) on the non ETCS fitted part of your network.


STM is used during the transfer period from ATP-VR/RHK to pure radio based ETCS system.

There is no intention to use any class B systems after ERTMS roll out has completed.



FRMCS solution in Finland is aiming to use commercial radio network as a base of FRMCS.