The ertms users group is a european economic interest grouping (eeig) formed in 1995.

The members and cooperating railway companies (based outside the european union) of the ERTMS users group are:


The activities of the ERTMS Users Group (EUG) are dedicated to the technical aspects of the deployment, maintenance and evolution of ERTMS. For this purpose the members of the EUG have joined forces, in order to share their experience and technical know-how of ERTMS.

Localisation Working Group

The mission of Localisation Working Group (LWG) is to settle common railways requirements on the expected

ERTMS Security Core Group

Cyber Attacks on critical infrastructures are increasing year by year. Digitisation supports smooth process and higher efficiency but on the other provide wider attack surface.

Level 3

Level 3 is in principle included in the ERTMS specifications, but only after the specifications became mature the railways started seriously to think about implementing Level 3.

Automatic Train Operation

The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the development of European ATO over ETCS specifications.

Testing & Validation

The purpose of this activity is to explore possibilities to achieve a testing concept for ERTMS on-board and trackside products which will demonstrate the compatibility of these products.

Engineering Support

The purpose of this activity is to collect and analyse 'real-life' trackside ERTMS issues (and related onboard issues) - both implemented and projected - related to (CCS TSI)...

Depolyment Issues

The purpose of this activity is to evaluate from a technical point of view all issues which are related to the ERTMS system specifications.

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