The ertms users group and its members are involved in large ertms projects

The experience gained in the projects is shared between the members. All issues arising from the members are discussed by experts in dedicated working groups. Together they decide on the preferred solutions for the future interoperable network. These solutions are discussed with the suppliers of signalling equipment, united in UNISIG, and the European Railway Agency.

The ERTMS Users Group plays a major role in the development of the ERTMS system. Many activities are carried out in projects which support the Memoranda of Understanding on ERTMS between the European Commission and the Railway sector (railway organisations and suppliers). These projects are sponsored by the European Commission, involve many actors (ERTMS Users Group staff, railways, UNISIG, laboratories) and are managed by the ERTMS Users Group.

Occasionally, the ERTMS Users Group advises related railway organisations in the field of ERTMS.