PRORAIL, The Netherlands

PRORAIL, The Netherlands

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In 2014, the Dutch government took the Preference Decision about the further roll out of ERTMS in the Netherlands. The decision and supporting document can be found on: Memorandum on Alternatives .


The migration strategy is that first the rolling stock will be equipped with ERTMS and then ERTMS Level 2, only (Baseline 3) will be installed in the infrastructure.


The preparatory work to prepare the tender for the retrofit of the rolling stock and the installation of ERTMS Level 2 only, is done by a program organisation under the leadership of the Dutch Ministry. ProRail and NS are partners in this program. Detail of this organisation can be found at

The lines to be equipped is a combination of the obligations from the European ERTMS Deployment plan and high density lines where capacity increase is necessary. A map of the concerned lines can be found on


On lines where ERTMS is installed, the legacy class B ATP system will be decomissioned.