Automatic Train Operation

Automatic Train Operation

An interoperable ATO system, compatible with ETCS, and covering all grades of automation

The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the development of European ATO over ETCS specifications. The intention is to have ETCS as the Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system, which supervises the train movement from a safety point of view. The ATO onboard is able to drive the train automatically, based on timetable information from the trackside. It will attempt to meet the timetable and, where possible, do this in an energy efficient way. The ATO on-board has an interface with the ETCS on-board. All ATO information will be shown on the ETCS DMI.

The ATO specifications are first developed in Shift2Rail, in which EUG participates. These specifications will progressively cover the following Grades of Automation (GoA):

GoA2 - automatic driving while driver is still present in the cab, to take back control of the train when needed

GoA3 - automatic driving without driver, but other staff present in the train, to take back control of the train when needed

GoA4 - automatic driving without any staff in the train