ETCS requirements on radio communication

ETCS requirements on radio communication

The ERTMS system, as it is defined by the TSI Control Command and Signalling, is made up of two main parts: ETCS and the Radio Communication system.

The development of the radio system itself, currently GSM-R and in future FRMCS (Future Radio Mobile Communication System), is in the scope of UIC. The role of EUG in this domain is to coordinate the definition of requirements on the radio system from ETCS perspective, in order to achieve a performant and reliable radio bearer for data exchange between the on-board and trackside parts of the ETCS systems.

In this context, EUG has produced the following document:

  • 04E117 ETCS/GSM-R Quality of Service – Operational Analysis
  • 09E033 GSM-R/ETCS Integration Review

Both document have been used as input for the Quality of Service requirements defined in Subset-093.